September 3, 2013

Media Whore

Back from the canal trip with a cold. Grrr. But apart from that it was all pretty good. Piloting a narrowboat turns out to be fun, as does negotiating the locks and bridges. And the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is, as expected, long and high and not very wide at all. There's a video, which in all likelihood you have already seen, unless you got here by some terrible mischance, but WTF let's embed it anyway:

The background music was a typical hack job, thrown together on my phone one evening aboard. A simple drum machine sequence piped through some effects, it's heavy on the stereo reverb which basically means it all goes to mush if you listen through your computer speaker or whatever. Headphones, folks, headphones -- yes, I know that's basic schoolboy bad mastering, but so be it.

The track is posted on my recently acquired soundcloud. As with other media sites to which I belong for no good reason, it overlaps with stuff posted here and elsewhere, but not completely. Here, for example, is something previously unheard on WT:

What with SoundCloud and BandCamp, Instagram and YouTube and Vimeo, my media output -- and there's been a brief productivity spike in recent weeks, thanks to the job gap -- really does seem to be all over the damn place. Perhaps I should consolidate. I could post everything here and be done with it, but that would just guarantee that it all went unseen. I could capitulate to The Man and put it all on Facebook, but fuck that. I prefer this current rather ramshackle, scattershot approach. Let us embrace the fragmentation and revel in confusion.

Posted by matt at September 3, 2013 10:28 AM