October 30, 2010

Terminal Beach

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October 18, 2010

Forest of the Dead


wintry forest scene

Not, of course, the frostbitten setting for some Grimm fairy tale, but rather a Purkinje cell dendrite. Widefield fluorescence micrograph from an ultra-thin acute slice of GAD65-GFP transgenic mouse cerebellum. What does it tell us? Mostly not to do this sort of tortuous experiment.

In other news, the flat is being refurbished, principally to afford some soundproofing between me and Ian's no-longer-silenceable piano, but also to improve various other things including, at this moment, the floor. What a fucking palaver that is. Spent the weekend lifting and shifting, will spend tonight off-premises. This building lark has been going on for weeks and weeks with no end in sight. I am well and truly over it now.

There's plenty of other stuff, of course, including some perfs I ought to scribble down, but I can't be bothered. Almost complete failure as a blogger, me. (This is apparently the 100th entry on WT3. Woot.) But there's Rosas coming up on Thursday, something by the late Pina Bausch next week, a couple of Featherstonehaughs things after that, Jasmin Vardimon... Maybe some of those will prompt a post. You never know.

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