November 13, 2011

Loose Ends

Another set here seemed too many, so I posted the latest City Jitters on Facebook. Call it convergence, call it mixing it up, call it a craven capitulation to the Zuckerberg hegemony. Maybe the next one can go on G+ for balance; I'll be sure to choose pics that I don't want anyone to see.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not very far away, a question was asked and answered; which left a narrative thread dangling. Moves are now afoot to tie off that loose end.

Not quite as long ago, although still quite awhile, I posted a to do list. In the intervening years, only one item has been checked off. You'll be happy, or jealous, or just indifferent to learn that two more of those are now in the firing line.

These news stories are not entirely unconnected, although the "honeymoon" -- not that it is that, exactly -- is going to precede the wedding, and is prompted as much as anything by the date of my PhD viva finally getting set. All being well, come the feast of the epiphany I will be Dr Matt. Less than ten days later we set off on the scariest holiday ever. At least until the last one on that list becomes feasible.

April's ceremony, obviously, will be rendered moot if we don't come back alive.

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