August 24, 2011


Oh. Hello blog. Long time no see.

The main reason for this criminal negligence should be obvious. Things in that department are creeping towards their inevitable conclusion. Only two significant obstacles remain, like bookends: the beginning and the end. Twenty pages max, I think, maybe two weeks. And there's some i-dotting and t-crossing, but isn't there always?

Otherwise, there was the wedding, and its immediate aftermath of desertion. So many mixed emotions there it was almost funny. (In fact, some bits were very funny indeed.)

We've had riots. Eh-oh. And ongoing surreptitious attempts to dismantle what remains of British civilisation. At some point I will get around to writing a proper post about markets, cargo and magic. It's been fermenting for a long time. Sometimes I compose angry fragments in my head, railing into insomniac darkness, but the job of turning them into coherent prose will almost certainly have to wait until after submission.

There's some music gestating too, but again not getting finished just yet. The two current front runners both seem to need words, which puts the brakes on something rotten. The post-thesis to do list is starting to look like quite a tome itself.

But hey, before all that, let's kill Hitler. It'll be about time.

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