July 13, 2012


The aforementioned rejection was followed by a bunch of backroom negotiation, soul-searching, jiggery-pokery and the writing and submission of a new, more persuasive proposal to do much the same research in more concrete and plausible ways. The upshot is that CoMPLEX are going to fund me after all. I would like to think my newfound -- and quite genuine -- enthusiasm helped, but I suspect that other people's arm-twisting was rather more significant. In any case, I'm happy about it.

Now I just have to make this bloody thing work.

Rolls up sleeves, spits on hands, realises spitty hands aren't that great for programming, clumsily wipes them on rolled sleeves -- and off we go.

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July 4, 2012


Co-worker Sam, having been in a similar situation herself, warned me last week against investing too much significance in any particular job application. This warning came, of course, far too late.

On the plus side, this CoMPLEX postdoc is the first thing for which I've even managed to get an interview.

Then again, they were pretty short on applicants.

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